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4 Ways To Prepare To Increase Your Home’s Value Prior To Selling

09 August

Saying goodbye to the home that you have called your own for years can manifest emotions you didn’t even know that you had. While a well-maintained home can fetch a handsome asking price, newer houses with fancy upgrades can be very tough to compete with. Prepare your house to be listed at a higher appraised […]

4 Styles Of Fencing For Your Inground Pool

25 July

If you’ve just had an inground pool installed in your backyard, then you now need to concern yourself with installing a fence. These fences are required by law in many states. In NYC, for instance, you need to have a 4-foot high fence that can prevent children from accessing the pool. You should look online […]

3 Benefits Of Pavement Resurfacing

22 June

Your home pavement structures, such as your driveway or patio, will require you to keep up with different maintenance strategies. This maintenance work can be the difference between getting full value out of your property and allowing your pavement structures to wear down. To this end, the best step you can take is to reach […]

Steps To Prepare For Your Hardwood Floor Installation

22 June

Hardwood floor installation is a huge project that requires advanced preparation. Knowing how to get your home and family ready for the installation of your hardwood floors can help ensure a successful and productive remodel. Clear Space for the Hardwood to Acclimate Hardwood is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture from the air around […]

Design Load Considerations For Installing Sprinkler Systems Into A Building With Pre-Constructed Wood Trusses

02 June

Pre-constructed wood trusses are a great way to simplify construction of a commercial or residential building. But what if you need to install a sprinkler system? The Importance of Incorporating Sprinklers Many municipal codes require functioning sprinklers in newly constructed buildings, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) strongly recommends their installation to save lives […]

What Makes One Lock More Secure Than Another?

15 May

Unless you are a locksmith or a lock picker, you likely do not understand what makes one lock more secure than another. This puts you at a disadvantage when you are choosing a lock for your business. If you have something of value in your building, then you need to make it as secure as […]

Pros And Cons To Postponing The Installation Of Fire Suppression Systems In Your New Home

28 April

If you are currently in the process of building a brand-new home, there are so many add-ons and technological options from which to choose. For example, security systems and fire suppression systems can be built right into your home now such that they are ready and operational from the moment you move into the house. […]

4 Benefits Of Xeriscape Landscaping

23 March

If you live in an area and that does not receive much water, you may be considering xeriscape landscaping. This type of landscaping uses conservative practices that can reduce the amount of water needed to maintain a yard. To conserve water, a xeriscape design may include organic soil additives, such as compost, to help the […]

How To Fix A Large Hole In Drywall

22 February

If you were moving a large piece of furniture and accidentally banged it into a wall and caused a large hole in the wall’s drywall, then you will be pleased to know that this is an easy do-it-yourself project. Fixing damaged drywall requires the following tools and supplies: drywall saw drywall tape joint compound a […]

How To Remove Food Stains From Your Upholstery

03 February

If you’ve been eating anywhere other than the kitchen, you may have noticed that your furniture’s fabrics have accumulated a plethora of food stains. Here are a few tips to help with this dilemma. Step 1: Use a clean, white rag to blot any immediate spills. The stain will most likely set and be harder […]