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During college, I lived in a small, old house. My roommates and I loved it's cozy charm and, for the most part, didn't have any problems. However, one day, we noticed that the carpet in one of the bedrooms was wet--and it couldn't be dried. When we called our landlady and the repairman, they discovered that the shower not only needed to be re-caulked, but there was mold everywhere under the carpet. We had to move out for two weeks while they fixed the problem. Soon, thanks to the contractor (the likes of whom you can read about), we were back at home.


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Pros And Cons To Postponing The Installation Of Fire Suppression Systems In Your New Home

If you are currently in the process of building a brand-new home, there are so many add-ons and technological options from which to choose. For example, security systems and fire suppression systems can be built right into your home now such that they are ready and operational from the moment you move into the house. If you are considering a fire suppression system, but you are not sure if it would be a good choice for your new house, here are some pros and cons to ponder when you are considering the postponement of the installation of a fire suppression system.

Pros for Postponing the Installation of a Fire Suppression System

The biggest pro, of course, is a big decrease in building costs. Sprinkler systems start at around two thousand dollars, while larger or more technologically advanced systems can cost you sixteen thousand dollars or more. That is money you could either save or put towards other add-ons during construction. Another pro for postponing the installation of a fire suppression system is that your house will be completed faster because the plumbers do not have to completely route plumbing through your home before the walls are finished, nor do the electricians have to wire any alarms or smoke detectors.

Cons for Postponing the Installation of a Fire Suppression System

One of the cons for postponing the installation of a fire suppression system is that when you finally decide to install a system, your walls may be ripped apart to put in sprinkler pipes and new wiring for alarms. At the very least, you may have several holes in the walls and/or ceilings that will need to be replastered. By not having the system in place before you move into the house, you may have to find another place to reside while the system is installed at a later date, which could result in hotel/motel costs.

Without the fire suppression system, you do run the risk of your home catching fire and burning down, a serious possibility if you live in a state where wildfires are common. Yet another con to postponing the installation of a fire suppression system is that you miss out on the discounts some home insurance providers offer to homeowners who do have a fire suppression system. Lastly, you may not have the money to install a fire suppression system at a later date, whereas you can incorporate the cost of the system into your new home building costs right from the start if you have it installed during construction.

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