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During college, I lived in a small, old house. My roommates and I loved it's cozy charm and, for the most part, didn't have any problems. However, one day, we noticed that the carpet in one of the bedrooms was wet--and it couldn't be dried. When we called our landlady and the repairman, they discovered that the shower not only needed to be re-caulked, but there was mold everywhere under the carpet. We had to move out for two weeks while they fixed the problem. Soon, thanks to the contractor (the likes of whom you can read about), we were back at home.


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4 Styles Of Fencing For Your Inground Pool

If you've just had an inground pool installed in your backyard, then you now need to concern yourself with installing a fence. These fences are required by law in many states. In NYC, for instance, you need to have a 4-foot high fence that can prevent children from accessing the pool. You should look online for your local municipality's rules regarding the situation.

Once you have established the exact height and design of the gate, you need to figure out what type of material you will use. Below is a brief description of the 4 major fencing materials and a discussion of their pros and cons.

Tempered Glass Panels

These fences are made of large panels of tempered glass. They are great if you don't want the visual disturbance of a normal fence. These fences are see-through, so from a distance, you won't notice them. The glass is tempered, so it's strong and won't break easily.

What you will have to do is clean it with a glass cleaner. This can be tiresome, but if you don't clean it, the transparent illusion won't be as strong, and it will become much more noticeable due to the dirt and grime.

Also, if you have little kids or pets, you might want to think about the safety of these fences. A dog running across the yard, or a young child playing tag, might not see the fence and smash right into it. So, these are best-suited for homes where there are no pets or children.

Vinyl Picket Fence

Vinyl picket fences look really beautiful and they are very weather-resistant. They don't need to be stained or painted, and you can clean them with a power washer. They are pretty and don't require the same maintenance that regular wood does. You can get a vinyl picket fence in white, black, or even wood color.

Lattice-Style Wooden Fencing

Another style that is popular is a lattice fencing combined with wooden posts. The posts should be pressure-treated. The lattice should also be pressure-treated, or at least stained.

One great thing about lattice fencing is that you can plant flowers or climbing ivy along the lattice and it will decorate the fence. If you don't get pressure-treated posts, then you will have to deal with replacing them once they rot, so make sure you have the contractor use pressure-treated wood.

Cast Iron Fencing

If you're looking for a really impressive and luxurious fencing material, then nothing beats cast iron. You can have it installed with different flourishes, such as fleur de lis or intricate scrollwork. The railing can be set into concrete or you can have them suspended latterly from columns fashioned from fieldstone. This is a really nice look if you have a particularly large yard and want a fence that strikes an impressive visual note. Click here to read more.