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During college, I lived in a small, old house. My roommates and I loved it's cozy charm and, for the most part, didn't have any problems. However, one day, we noticed that the carpet in one of the bedrooms was wet--and it couldn't be dried. When we called our landlady and the repairman, they discovered that the shower not only needed to be re-caulked, but there was mold everywhere under the carpet. We had to move out for two weeks while they fixed the problem. Soon, thanks to the contractor (the likes of whom you can read about), we were back at home.


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3 Reasons To Choose A Steel Building For Your Dog Kennel

Whether you are a dog breeder or are planning on boarding other peoples' dogs while they are on vacation, then you might want to make sure that you choose the right type of building for your dog kennel. One option that you might not have considered is a steel building. These are a few reasons why this can be an optimal choice for your dog kennel:

1. It's An Affordable Option

For one thing, you should think about the cost of erecting a steel building versus another type of building for your dog kennel. In many cases, when compared to similarly sized structures, steel buildings are a whole lot cheaper. Since you are probably going to want plenty of space for the dogs, this can allow you to buy a larger, better building with your budget. Plus, it can help you ensure that you have enough leftover in your budget after buying a building so that you can install fencing and otherwise buy what you need to start up your dog kennel.

2. You Can Add On To It Easily

Another reason to consider building a steel building for your dog kennel is the fact that you can add on to it easily if you want to. Right now, you might be starting out small with your dog kennel, and you may not want to pay for a bigger building than what you actually need. However, you might be hoping to leave room for your kennel to grow. If you find that your current building ends up being too small for your needs as your kennel grows, you can always bring in another steel building and connect the two together.

3. It's Fire-Safe

One major thing that you might be concerned about when it comes to your dog kennel is the potential for a fire. No one wants to see their business go up in flames, but it can be particularly heartbreaking and tragic if there are live animals inside the building. When compared to wooden structures, steel buildings are much more fire-safe, which is good news if you are going to be using flammable kennel bedding. Of course, you will still want to make sure that you take certain fire precautions to protect the dogs and your building, such as making sure that the electrical wiring is up to code and that there are fire extinguishers placed throughout the building in easy-to-access areas.

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