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During college, I lived in a small, old house. My roommates and I loved it's cozy charm and, for the most part, didn't have any problems. However, one day, we noticed that the carpet in one of the bedrooms was wet--and it couldn't be dried. When we called our landlady and the repairman, they discovered that the shower not only needed to be re-caulked, but there was mold everywhere under the carpet. We had to move out for two weeks while they fixed the problem. Soon, thanks to the contractor (the likes of whom you can read about), we were back at home.


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Four Ways Rolling Shutters Can Make Your Business More Secure

As a business owner, you understand that security is an essential component of your operation. However, have you considered all the different layers that make up security? The window features installed on the exterior of a building are a security component that is often overlooked. Discover why the installation of rolling shutters can help enhance your business's protection.

Quick Close

Rolling shutters are much easier to close than the traditional manual option. At the end of the day when your crew is shutting down your facility for the day, they will be able to close the shutters quickly so that they can get inside their cars safely, as soon as possible. Some other shutter styles are more challenging to close, which will only increase the amount of time it takes to close down at night. 

Automatic Option

If you want to improve security significantly, you can install automatic rolling shutters. With the automatic feature, you can open and close the shutters with a simple press of a button. You can also control the shutters from the inside of the building. In the event there was a threat on the outside of the building, your employees could close the shutters while they remain safely inside. 

Durable Surface

If you're worried about a threat from an intruder or break-in, rolling shutters are an excellent option. First, the shutters are designed with a solid metal frame, which makes the idea of ripping the shutter from the frame incredibly difficult. Second, the surface of the shutter is thick and durable. As a result, it would be hard for an intruder to try and break through the shutter, especially undetected. The design of the shutters can help you keep intruders out. 

Locking Features

Rolling shutters also have locking features. The type of shutter you have installed will determine how it locks. If you have an automatic shutter, you can secure the shutters with the electronic control panel and if you have manual shutters, you can choose an option with a built-in lock that you can quickly engage. Combined with its durable surface, the locking features of these shutters make them even more secure. 

While the benefits of rolling shutters in terms of security are outstanding, they can bring so much more to your business, especially when it comes to weather protection. If you believe your business can benefit from the installation of one of these shutters, contact installation companies like Nevada Rolling Shutter Inc. for assistance.