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Meet Jane Evans

During college, I lived in a small, old house. My roommates and I loved it's cozy charm and, for the most part, didn't have any problems. However, one day, we noticed that the carpet in one of the bedrooms was wet--and it couldn't be dried. When we called our landlady and the repairman, they discovered that the shower not only needed to be re-caulked, but there was mold everywhere under the carpet. We had to move out for two weeks while they fixed the problem. Soon, thanks to the contractor (the likes of whom you can read about), we were back at home.


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What's Wrong With The Well? Well, Don't Wait To See!

When something is wrong with your well, you need to find out what. You need to know what it is so that it can be repaired, and you can continue to get all the water your home needs. Call a water well system repair services company, preferably sooner than later. What could be wrong could be something more serious than you thought, like any of the following issues:

Well Is Running Dry

If you wait too long to see what is wrong with the well, you may end up with no water at all. In this instance, the well is running dry, and that is why you would not be getting as much water as you are used to getting. Waiting to get help puts you in the position of no water whatsoever when the well finally is completely dry. At that point, you already want to have a new well dug and functioning. That way, your home is getting a steady stream of water and not lacking water for several days until the new well is ready. 

Part of the Well Has Collapsed

You have to consider the fact that a well is a hole in the ground that runs deep and taps a natural water aquifer underground. As such, any part of the ground under your well, around your well, and leading up to the aquifer you have tapped for water can collapse and cut off your water supply. If something like this happens, your water levels in the well will either decrease or be cut off from extraction. The well contractor may be able to rescue the well if he/she can determine if the collapse is easily accessible through excavation. If you wait, the water will dry up, and no more water can replace it with part of the well or water line collapsed as it is. 


There is not much worse than a tainted well. It can be tainted by mining operations nearby or by farm runoff. It can be tainted by an animal falling into the well, dying, and rotting in the water. Natural levels of heavy metals may seep into the water supply, poisoning your well. It is in your best interests to have the water tested regularly to make sure it is safe to drink and that nothing has fallen into it and died (besides bugs, which really cannot poison the water).